EGGS for Breakfast: Enabling green transition from strategy to end-users

 May 23, 2023, kl 08:00-10:00 | EGGS Design Copenhagen

Welcome to our popular breakfast seminar, EGGS for Breakfast - a networking and knowledge sharing event for industry leaders, experts and innovators. This time, we’ll take a deep dive into how you can use strategic foresight and user-centred processes to power the green shift within your organisation.

At the seminar, you will meet Navid Ostadian-Binai, Head of Green Vessels and Fuels at Maersk Tankers, as well as EGGS’ Energy Lead, Kate Saunders and Katja Egmose, Director of EGGS Denmark.

Early-mover ventures in the green transition come with high risk and uncertainty, but also with potential long-term advantages. Navid will share his insights about how he uses strategic foresight, corporate unfair advantages and startup-like operating models to make an impact on people, planet and profit. 

Digitalisation and data are crucial for the green transition, but a user-centred approach is necessary to avoid unfit digital tools and workflows. Kate will discuss how EGGS' collaboration with Statnett and Cognite used cross-disciplinary teams and close involvement of end-users to digitise selected value chains and improve accessibility of power system and asset data.




  • 08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast and mingling
  • 08:30 – 09:30 Presentations
  • 09:30 – 10:00 Q&A and discussion
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Join us for an inspiring morning at our office in Copenhagen, diving into the topic of energy transition - from strategy to end- users. EGGS' Energy Lead and Lead Digital Designer, Kate Saunders, will guide us through the session.

You will meet:


Navid Ostadian-Binai, Head of Green Vessels and Fuels at Maersk Tankers

Navid helps drive the energy transition, while advocating for freedom and equitable opportunities for all. At Maersk Tankers, Navid is Head of Green Vessels and Fuels, driving the green industry transition  in close collaboration with customers and partners, accelerating pathways towards commercialisation and scale of green shipping.

Portrait bw Kate Saunders

Kate Saunders, Energy Lead at EGGS Design

Kate is a cross-disciplinary designer, with special focus on the energy sector and sustainability. She has 9 years of experience working within product companies - from start-ups to global brands - all with a focus on building products users love. She has a passion for understanding what makes users tick, working all the way through concept to implementation, and a final polished product. 

Portrait bw Katja Egmose

Katja Egmose, Director of EGGS Denmark

With almost 20 years in the design industry, Katja Egmose is working towards creating positive change for people and the planet. From vision and strategy to design and implementation, Katja leads a cross-disciplinary teams delivering innovative and outstanding products and services. She is a proactive problem solver with a passion for helping companies discover how design can contribute to the bottom line and a better world.

Coffee and breakfast will be ready and waiting for you!

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EGGS for Breakfast: Enabling green transition from strategy to end-users